Brendon Silver
Brendon Silver
Brendon Silver

Brendon Silver | Vice President

I am the Vice President of Web Marketing and Communications at The Ad Answer. I bring more than 15 years of web marketing, user interface design and web development experience to the table.

Team Member Since: February 2011

First website ever designed & developed: The United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration Website

What I enjoy most about my job: I enjoy collaborating with my clients and teammates to create cutting-edge digital marketing strategies. Whether its using social media, search engine marketing or website design, I am able to use creativity in every aspect of my job.

Education: Syracuse University – BS in Information Management & Technology

Best Decision(s) I Ever Made:

  • Marrying my wife
  • Becoming a father
  • Leaving my previous job to start the web marketing and branding divisions of The Ad Answer (it’s not everyday that somebody can say they work side by side with their dad)

Favorite Restaurant: I would have to say “La Cocina De Linda Silver” or in plain English, “Anything My Mother Cooks”

Favorite Place Outside the Office: The hockey rink, the golf course or on the water fishing

Favorite Book: “Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman” by Jon Krakauer