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  • Argus Adjustable Wireless Charging Stand

    The Argus adjustable wireless charging stand supports wireless charging technology and has a charging efficiency greater than 70%. It's input is 5.0V/2A and wireless output is 5.0V/1.0A 5W. It has a large imprint area and easily disassembles for storage and transport. Adjust the height of the charging pad to match the size and preferred orientation of your phone. This item has many certifications including; FCC-ID, CE RED, Cert (Standard EN303417, EN30148 9-1, EN62311, EN60950-1), ROHS Cert & Report (Standard 2011/65/EU).
    • Wireless Charger
    • Charges Devices Supported by Qi Wireless Charge Technology
    • Includes USB Cable to Charge Power Bank
    • Ships Flat
    • Adjustable height
  • Boreus Wireless Charging Pad

    The Boreus wireless charger uses cutting edge technology to charge your smart devices wirelessly. Keep your pad plugged into your computer or other USB outlet and simply place your wireless charging enabled device on the pad. No more fumbling around for cords or worse yet, damaging your device by inserting a cord incorrectly. Available with various colored accent silicone rings. Input: 5V / 1A; Output: 5V / 800mA. Features a charging indicator light, auto shut-off overheating protection, non-slip base and micro USB cord included. Compatible with iPhone 8 and above and Android wireless charge-enabled devices.
    • Wireless Charger for Smartphones
    • White Body and Non-Slip Base
    • Color Silicone Accent Ring
    • Charging Indicator Light
    • Auto Shut-Off Overheating Protection
    • Micro USB Charging Cord Included
    • Compatible with iPhone 8 and Above, Android Wireless Charge- Enabled Devices
  • Bacco Phone / Tablet Stand with Microfiber Cloth

    Mobile phone / tablet stand with microfiber screen cleaning cloth.
    • Durable ABS Construction
    • 2-Tone Design
    • Opens Up to a Phone Stand
    • Closes Up For Storage
    • 5" x 5" Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
    • Cloth Stores Inside Stand
  • Rune Webcam Cover

    $0.59 - $0.93

    Rune Webcam Cover

    The Rune web camera cover is slim and perfect in today's age of internet security and privacy needs. It's made of ABS plastic with an adhesive that will not leave residue on monitors nor laptops. This web camera cover is thin enough to still allow most laptops to close properly. The sliding shutter easily moves to the side and allows a web camera to be visible when needed. Your logo will be printed front and center and you'll be top-of-mind every time your clients use their computers. The surface must be smooth and clean for the adhesive to stick well. Some treated glass surfaces may present adhesion issues.
    • Durable ABS Plastic
    • Has 3M Adhesive
    • Adhesive Will Not Leave Residue Behind
    • Sliding Shutter Provides Privacy When Needed
    • Ultra-Thin, Allows Most Laptops to Close
    • Adhesive Sticks Well on Smooth, Flat and Clean Surfaces
  • Light Up Your Logo Cable Set

    Light Up Your Logo Cable Set duo USB charging cable key chain adapter with light inside main body that illuminates the logo while in use.
    • Power/Technology: Input: 5V; Output: 1A; USB 2.0.
    • Includes one USB Type C and duo 5 pin + micro USB.
    • Cables may be used for charging only (no data transfer function).
    • Not an AppleĀ® authorized product, use at your own risk.
    • Product Size: 7" l x 0.5" h x 0.5" d


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