Take a moment and look around. It’s a good bet that you’ll see at least one promotional product somewhere within your sight. Sometimes nicknamed swag (Stuff.We.All.Get) promotional products are useful articles of merchandise (often branded with a logo or slogan) used in marketing and communication programs. Whether it’s an imprinted pen or mug or a t-shirt, plaque or lapel pin, promo products are given away to promote a company, used to thank or reward an employee for service, or as giveaways at trade shows and conferences, and as part of guerrilla marketing campaigns.  Promotional products are items that always remain to be seen.

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When you’re ready to take your concept from a tiny sketch on the back of a napkin to a potential client or event, we’re ready to make it happen. In fact, with our creativity, quick production, and worldwide reach, we can help you launch a new promotional products campaign before your competitors can even conceptualize it.

We provide our clients with creative ideas for their marketing campaigns that are carefully researched for the best competitive pricing.

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Online Stores

The online store is like any other e-commerce website – only it features products with your company’s logo and message. The online store is usually stocked with pre-selected, inventoried products that have been chosen by the company ahead of time and are inventoried by The Ad Answer. This facilitates small (below the normal minimum order quantity for most suppliers) orders to be taken care of easily. For example, if HR needs a small quantity of briefcase bags for a special promotion, they can order 12, rather than the usual 72 or 144.

The store also contains a number of products that have been chosen by the company in consultation with The Ad Answer. This virtual part of the store will contain products that are available in minimum quantities (usually between 72 and 144). They are not inventoried, but instead fulfilled as orders are placed by authorized buyers of the company. All of the products showcased in the store will bear the company’s authorized logo(s) and will be of high quality and readily available.

Benefits of an Online Store

  • Control: This is the biggest perk of them all. It’s really about control over everything: the ability to guarantee consistency of logo and brand representation while taking advantage of special discounted pricing. It’s also control over the purchasing process from order approval to credit limits, and so on. Since several departments are usually purchasing promotional products (sometimes even the same items), it will allow for better communication and significant financial economies.
  • Analysis: An online store system with reporting capability opens a window into the purchasing process and allows the company to see where the dollars are going. With everyone working hard to control costs these days, good report data is an enormous benefit.
  • Predictability: It’s a waste of time and money for various employees in different departments to go out and get a bid every time they need a product. This is only compounded with having multiple offices around the country. A well-executed online store program gives the entire company the comfort of a stable, predictable relationship, where they can count on the same quality goods being available wherever and whenever needed.


Want an easy way to provide a unique service to trade show attendees and exhibitors, create goodwill, increase visibility and generate additional non-dues revenue? Let the Convention Connection™ create an association merchandise shop at your next conference. We’ve been doing it for almost 20 years.

It’s on location at your organization’s convention. It sells only items that are imprinted with the show’s theme and logo. Our experienced sales managers can staff your store or we can train your staff to manage the shop. Whatever you choose, we know how to help you create goodwill and instill pride among association members, exhibitors and others who visit the show, along with creating an additional stream of income that’s always welcome.


The Ad Answer’s Specialized Fulfillment service capabilities enable us to handle a wide variety of unique, complex, or fast turn projects other warehouses won’t, or simply can’t, accommodate into their standardized processes.

Depending on your particular needs you may utilize any combination of our warehouse and/or fulfillment services, ongoing or on a project basis. We are extremely flexible and can handle needs both large and small.

  • Fast Turns: Our convenient Maryland warehouse location provides guaranteed delivery within 3 days to 90% of the population in the U.S. and Canada, resulting in faster delivery times and reduced freight costs to our clients. We also provide global service via our network of warehouse partner facilities located nationwide.
  • Flexible: Our secure 50,000 square foot warehouse is right sized to accommodate virtually any fulfillment/packaging application. The facility also contains a 10,000 pallet position capacity and 2,000 bin locations. Consolidated shipping/receiving of all materials to our one central warehouse location provides significant cost savings. We also offer multilocation storage capabilities.
  • Quality Control: Every project receives multiple quality control steps for order verification. We also offer inventory control, web-based secure ordering, electronic order retrieval and inbound shipment verification.
  • Print Sourcing: We print collateral material in conjunction with our fulfillment services. Our print vendor pool stretches from coast to coast with suppliers across the U.S.

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